Keynote talks from Graham Jones will inspire your team to achieve greater online success

Your conference or seminar needs a business keynote speaker – even if the bulk of the event is made up of workshops or training sessions. A keynote speaker draws things together, sets the scene and establishes some common ground for the entire event.

I am often asked to be a keynote speaker at all kinds of conferences and business meetings. Some of the topics I am asked to speak about include:


      • How to “CLICK” with your online visitors to make more money
      • Making the most of the human side of social media
      • Avoiding the productivity pitfalls of the Internet
      • The future of the Internet
      • The psychology of online selling
As a speaker he is an impressive person to watch who makes it look annoyingly easy. Calm, relaxed and generally understated, he makes his points extremely well and on the occasions I have seem him deliver always gives great value in an entertaining an enjoyable way. I have also had the privilege of being able to directly tap into his Internet psychology and marketing knowledge and have gained tremendously from the experience. He not only knows his talk but he walks the walk too and I’d recommend any business serious about capitalising on the opportunities on the Internet to listen to what he has to say.
Michael Tipper

Graham presented at the Yes Group last night. It was a spellbinding evening full of his trademark stories and humour. He is a true professional who has distilled the essence of what it really means to communicate a message to an audience. It was engaging and thought-provoking from the start, breaking down the confusing and technical topic of using the Internet for success into a real, solid understanding. He created confidence in the audience and gave them clear action plans on how they could implement the ideas. The Yes Group audience said it was one of the most powerful topics they’d had delivered and Graham’s message would give a tangible, lasting benefit to their lives and businesses.
The Yes Group