How to ensure more online business success: book this internet speaker to gain inspiring and valuable lessons

Graham Jones is a psychologist who studies the way people behave online so that businesses can understand customer behaviour and improve their business profits as a result. He inspires audiences to use psychological principles to change what they do online so that they can achieve significant steps forward in web success.

How to ensure more online business success: book this internet speaker to gain inspiring and valuable lessons

Graham Jones is a psychologist who studies the way people behave online so that businesses can understand customer behaviour and improve their business profits as a result.
Graham Jones, Internet Speaker

What You Get From Graham Jones

For Audiences

If you are an audience member listening to Graham Jones speak you will be able to:

  • Discover 5 psychological factors for every website which you can improve immediately
  • Learn psychological tactics to ensure your emails get opened and read
  • Improve your business profits through a more effective use of the Internet
  • Become more efficient online by removing the issues that distract us
  • Understand consumer psychology so you can get more people to click the “buy now” button
  • Find out how to use psychology to make more money online

Plus…guaranteed “take-away” tips that you can act on immediately


For Event Organisers

If you are a meeting planner or event organiser this is what you get when working with Graham Jones:

  • Someone who provides you with all the practical information you need before and after the event without any fuss
  • An individual who turns up early and stays late
  • Free marketing support for your event with social media activity, advanced videos and other online activity to help promote your event
  • A “safe pair of hands” who engages, entertains and educates audiences
  • A person who is easy to work with, adaptable and able to stick to time (even if you have to change it)
  • A speaker who knows his subject and does in-depth prior research

Plus…someone with over 30 years experience of professional speaking.

Choose Your Kind of Talk From Graham Jones

Keynote Speeches

Keynote speeches at conferences and events are a regular part of my work. I have spoken in front of a wide variety of audiences in several countries, ranging from just 100 people to more than 3,000. Usually I am asked to present straight after lunch – as I can wake audiences up after their lunchtime dip…!

Breakout Sessions

Often I am asked to present breakout sessions at conferences and trade shows. I run such sessions that last from around 45-minutes through to a couple of hours. Each session is designed to help your delegates achieve a particular goal with their use of the Internet so that they can take away specific ideas to improve their business.


Masterclasses are for small groups of people so that we can discuss things in-depth and get to grips with details. Masterclasses tend to focus on highly specific aspects of using the Internet for business and tapping into consumer psychology.


Webinars are increasingly popular and I get to do a lot of them. Sometimes they are more like remote publications with me speaking from my office but up on a big screen at a conference on the other side of the world. On other occasions they are for specific clients, just to a few people in their office.

What People Say About Graham Jones

There are only a very small handful of people who really impress me with their knowledge and understanding of the Internet. Graham Jones is on that list – at the top. His ability to explain how people use the Internet – and thus how business owners can benefit, is second to none. Highly, highly recommended.
Philip Calvert

Director, IFA LifeTalk

Simple ideas sensibly conveyed. An invaluable help to anyone involved in online marketing. If you get the chance to see Graham speak, take it. He is outstanding.
Nick Keith

Managing Director, Life Magazines

It was rather like watching an excellent film in that the time just flew by – not something I can recall saying about any other speaker in my 10 years of involvement with Academy speakers.
William Waddington

Group Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives

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Oh…and he is an award-winning author as well…!

Click.ology Book Cover


Click.ology: What works in online shopping

This book a complete guide to using consumer psychology to sell more on your website.

Using an accessible five-step CLICK system for turning clicks into money, this books shows how to thrive in a dynamic online retail world. What this books reveals is:

  • Why most online shopping carts are abandoned and what you can do about it
  • Why you must have free shipping
  • Why being sociable will increase your sales
  • Why having a centrally positioned search box on your website will increase sales

You will also discover the differences in buying behaviour online compared with the offline world.

Sales Genius

Sales Genius: 40 insights from the science of selling.

This book demonstrates that so much of what you have been told about selling is wrong.

The book looks at scientific research into the selling process and reveals why much that sales people have been told is simply not true. In this book you will discover:

  • The Internet is making niches more important and narrower than ever before
  • Buyer behaviour has changed because of the Internet
  • Consumers have no idea what price they should pay
  • Almost all purchasing decisions are made online, though most items are bought offline.

The book is broken down into 40 short chapters all based on research projects showing what really works in sales.

Academic Credentials

Graham Jones has four degrees and other postgraduate qualifications. His first degree is a B.Sc.(Hons) in Human Biology which was closely followed by another degree, a B.A.(Hons) in Psychology. Graham also has a M.Sc. and an M.Ed. He also has an Advanced Diploma in Education (Adv.Dip.Ed).

Graham is a Member of the British Psychological Society and has been awarded the M.B.Ps.S.

Academic Lecturer

In addition to his work as a speaker, Graham is an academic lecturer working for the Open University as an Associate Lecturer and the University of Buckingham as a Visiting Lecturer. At the University of Buckingham Graham is responsible for running the E-business modules for undergraduate students and also lectures on the MBA programme. At the Open University Graham lectures on three different modules.

Award winning speaker

Graham Jones is an award-winning speaker. He regularly appears in the “Top 10” speakers for the Academy of Chief Executives, plus he is one of only 20 recipients of the “Professional Speaking Award of Excellence” (PSAE) in the UK. Graham has also been elected as the 12th most important internet marketing blogger in the world as well as being “Number 2” in the list of “Top 10 SME Superheroes“.

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